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Goodall Jumbo Koa

Preis im Guitarstudio Bendorf: 5.130,--€

Die Goodall Concert Jumbo AKCJ 5925 mit Zargen und Boden aus hochwertigem Koa von James Goodall aus der Zeit nach seiner Rückkehr aus Hawaii in neuwertigem Zustand, incl. sehr stabilem TKL Luxuskoffer.
Das Conzert Jumbo Modell ist bei der Goodall Modellreihe angesiedelt zwischen dem Standard- und dem Concertmodell. Offener, gehaltvoller (Koa)Ton, klare Mitten, schöner Diskant mit Sustain, sehr angenehm und bequem zu bespielender Hals, ein echter Allrounder.

Goodall's Concert Jumbo model was designed in response to players who wanted something smaller than their large Standard model, but with a bit more horsepower than their Grand Concert. Enter the Concert Jumbo. A curvier shape is combined with a slightly shallower body and smaller width for a shape that's comfortable, but strikingly full-bodied. Sitka spruce and koa pair together for a bright, crisp tone perfect for strumming along with vocals, and a graceful cutaway opens up extended lead possibilities up the neck. With a koa peghead veneer and a bright abalone rosette, it's no surprise this guitar's nickname is The Aloha.

Und das sagt James Goodall zur Jumbo:
“The powerful, rich, and clear tone has exceeded my expectations”
In November 1998 after 26 years of building some of the finest steel string guitars ever constructed, James Goodall announced the addition of an exciting new box size. This is in response to increasing requests for a more comfortable, smaller body dimension than the Goodall Standard (near in size to the Dreadnought). The Concert Jumbo model is slightly smaller than the Standard series and larger than the Grand Concert series guitar.
The end result is a beautiful new shape called the Concert Jumbo. “The powerful, rich, and clear tone has exceeded my expectations,” James Goodall said of his new Concert Jumbo. Since it retains the large acoustic soundboard area of the Standard or Dreadnought, while increasing comfortability and curvy visual appeal, this model has become a favored size for many Goodall Guitar owners.

Die Gitarre sieht aus wie neu, wurde kaum gespielt. Ein original Goodallkoffer gehört natürlich dazu.

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Sitka spruce top
Koa back and sides
Mahogany neck
Koa headstock veneer
Pheasantwood bridge and fingerboard
Mother of peal (MOP) rosette, fingerboard dots and Goodall logo on headstock
Clear pickguard
Gotoh chrome mini tuners                                                                                                                                                                   650 mm / 44,5 mm
1.75" nut width                                                                                                                                                                                      bone nut and saddle